Andrew Pappas

Andrew S. Pappas was raised in Houston, Texas, but arrived to the Cincinnati area nearly twenty-five years ago. A graduate of the Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Mr. Pappas is a small business owner as the proprietor of Cleaner Concepts, a local dry cleaning company with two locations including one in Anderson Township and another in Hyde Park.

After a career in small business, Mr. Pappas ran for Anderson Township Trustee where he was elected in 2013 with the goal of bringing his small business vision to local government. His first term there has been overwhelmingly successful as he has overseen positive growth in Anderson and successfully oversees one of Hamilton County’s most livable communities. A focus on basic services like clean and safe streets while still encouraging pro-growth policies to lure more desirable retail has been the hallmark of Mr. Pappas’ tenure in Anderson Township. Collaboration between governments has also been a priority during his tenure and has resulted in substantial savings to the township.

Mr. Pappas is a conservative Republican who understands the value of hard work and the opportunities afforded him in this country. From his own life experience, he knows that if one applies oneself, any dream is possible. Mr. Pappas is the son of a Greek immigrant who came to the United States with nothing more than the clothes on his back only to go on and develop a successful family business.

Mr. Pappas and his wife Julie and their two dogs Bandit and Brinkley, continue to reside in Anderson Township. Mr. Pappas’ hobbies include his engagement in local politics, skiing, hunting, fishing, classic cars, and wooden boats.

Andrew Pappas

“As a small business owner and proud patriot, I believe government has an important role to play in our community. However, the government’s role should be limited and strive to assist the private sector rather than replace it. I believe that a government that governs best, governs least. I am running for County Commissioner to continue the great progress made in Hamilton County under conservative leadership. Our County has cut budgets, reduced staff, and maintained fiscal health for the County while not being afraid to make smart investments to advance The Banks and other important community projects.

“A Board of County Commissioners under the leadership of Todd Portune would look to raise our taxes—as Mr. Portune has repeatedly attempted to do during his tenure on the Board. I believe that 16 years is long enough for one person to serve as a County Commissioner and the voters deserve a real change. We do not need another career politician to serve another four years. Including his tenure on city council, Mr. Portune has been in local government for close to a quarter of a century. This is long enough, it is time for a fresh perspective.

“It is time for some new ideas and perspectives from a small business owner who truly cares about the community. When elected, I will bring a fresh and new perspective founded in my experience successfully managing a small business and governing in Anderson Township. I look forward to a spirited campaign.”


Andrew S. Pappas

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Hamilton County commissioner candidate hopes to ride ambulance to victory" an article recently published on the WCPO web site regarding the ye-catching vehicle that has become a beloved part of the campaign.WCPO

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Join me in supporting Andrew. He believes government should be limited and focused as I do. His leadership would provide huge benefits to the taxpayers of Hamilton County. If you do not know him, please take the opportunity to do so, and hear his vision for our great County." Former Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann
Andy Pappas is an experienced, successful and effective executive in both the public and private sector. Hamilton County needs both an experienced, fiscally astute manager and a leader who understands want is really important to the average citizen. Andy is that rare candidate who has a proven track record of providing both" State Representative Lou Terhar
Andrew Pappas, is running for Hamilton County Commissioner this year. I don't issue endorsements very often, but I can tell you that Andrew is one of a kind, understands the value of hard work, and will work tirelessly for the greater good of our county, and all areas within. Please consider getting to know him better, and consider supporting him as we continue toward November..." Gregory Harshfield

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