Andrew Pappas

Andrew S. Pappas was raised in Houston, Texas, but arrived to the Cincinnati area nearly twenty-five years ago. A graduate of the Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Mr. Pappas is a small business owner as the proprietor of Cleaner Concepts, a local dry cleaning company with two locations including one in Anderson Township and another in Hyde Park.

After a career in small business, Mr. Pappas ran for Anderson Township Trustee where he was elected in 2013 with the goal of bringing his small business vision to local government. His first term there has been overwhelmingly successful as he has overseen positive growth in Anderson and, along with his fellow trustees, successfully oversees one of Hamilton County’s most livable communities. A focus on basic services like clean and safe streets while still encouraging pro-growth policies to lure more desirable retail has been the hallmark of Mr. Pappas’ tenure in Anderson Township. Collaboration between governments has also been a priority during his tenure and has resulted in substantial savings to the township.

Mr. Pappas is a conservative Republican who understands the value of hard work and the opportunities afforded him in this country. From his own life experience, he knows that if one applies oneself, any dream is possible. Mr. Pappas is the son of a Greek immigrant who came to the United States with nothing more than the clothes on his back only to go on and develop a successful family business.

Mr. Pappas and his wife Julie and their two dogs Bandit and Brinkley, continue to reside in Anderson Township. Mr. Pappas’ hobbies include his engagement in local politics, skiing, hunting, fishing, classic cars, and wooden boats.

Andrew Pappas

“As a small business owner and proud patriot, I believe government has an important role to play in our community. However, the government’s role should be limited and strive to assist the private sector rather than replace it. I believe that a government that governs best, governs least. I am running for re-election as Anderson Trustee to continue the great progress made in in our Township under conservative leadership.

“We need to continue exploring new ideas and include perspectives from a small business owner who truly cares about the community. When elected, I will continue to lead with the perspective founded in my experience successfully managing a small business and governing in Anderson Township. I look forward to a successful campaign.”


Andrew S. Pappas

Trustees in Action

What a great four years it has been...

Statistics and Accomplishments

So many great things happening...

    • More than $300 Million
      Since 2013, Anderson Township has enjoyed more than $300K in public and private investment.
    • New Businesses Everywhere!
      Anderson has welcomed more than 200 new and expanded businesses since 2013.
    • New Homes Everywhere!
      Anderson continues to be one of the most desirable Greater Cincinnati communities. More than 200 new homes have been completed, or are under construction.
    • Aaa Credit Rating
      With the fiscally responsible Anderson government, we have maintained a AAa credit rating; one of the highest of any Gov't in the state.
    • More than 2,700 Acres of Greenspace
      Added over 100 acres of green space, bringing our total green space and park acreage to over 2,700; 5 times the national recommended average. (Source NRPA 2015 report)
    • Fire and Rescue Partnership
      Our new Fire Department partnership with the Village of Newtown makes Fire and Rescure more responsive, more efficient, and saves our residents millions of dollars by not having to build a new station.
    • Anderson Senior Center Saved
      When faced with the exit of the previous management of our cherished Senior Center, Township Administration and Trustees steped up to provide a solution that has not only replaced, but improved the services and activities.
    • Aggregation Saves Residents Money
      The introduction of electric and trash aggregation uses our population to save all of us money.
    • Miles of Sidewalks and Trails
      Since 2013, the Township has added miles of new sidewalks, and trails, including the extensions planned for the Ohio River trails.

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